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Star Metal deliver customised balustrade packages of outstanding quality and design for both commercial & residential projects in Perth, and regional WA

Our range of standard perforation patterns provides a diverse selection of possibilities across a range of industries. Whether the application is for large industrial or commercial projects or individual residential projects, there is a range of patterns for you to choose from.

whether your needs for safety screening, privacy, solar screening, air ventilation or to add design flair, there are a wide range of options. All of our perforated sheet is manufactured for the highest quality materials.

Our ability to provide a standardised pattern to a particular size or within a border makes our manufacturing process a better option than adapting off the shelf sheets with perforations punched to the sheet edges.

Did you know that we can also provide end-to-end delivery for all your custom architectural metalwork requirements?

We are skilled in the fabrication of architectural balustrading, handrails, louvres, shading devices, perforated metal, fencing, gates, safety barriers and more for owners, architects, builders and specifiers.

Star Metal has the depth of project experience on diverse projects with which to help you:

Identify the areas of cost reduction within your project.

Provide pre-fabrication advice to save time and materials…. because we know what works.

Provide advice on design & enable virtual walkthrough of 3D model prior to manufacture.

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