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Star Metal deliver customised balustrade packages of outstanding quality and design for both commercial & residential projects in Perth, and regional WA

Perforations for cladding, gates, machinery guards, railings and facades

For our customers looking to design a façade or create something that leaves a lasting impression Star Metal’s versatile and high-speed sheet metal processing capability means that your imagination is the limit when it comes to perforated metal.

We can perforate to any pattern you can imagine in whatever type of metal you prefer, whether it be aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass etc.

We can perforate from any photograph or image that you provide, into almost any type of metal you require. All that we need is a photograph, description or design and we can work with you to create the desired look. Our design team can assist you through the whole process – with design, fabrication and installation teams available.

Our perforation machinery is exceptional, it gives us a unique capability. None more so that the EMZ 3610 Turrret Punch, which can process large sheet sizes, making it not only highly versatile, but lightning fast; it can process high volumes quickly. Its ability to run unmanned 24 hours a day provides little constraint in the way of volume delivery.

Aluminium sheet metal is the most common material used for perforations due to its corrosion resistance, lighter weight, and better suitability for perforating. Although we can also perforate most other metals including stainless steel, mild steel, brass and copper. The diversity of shapes that can be perforated is infinite, your imagination is the limit. Whether it be decorative perforated sheet metal for industrial screening, screening for gates or fences, or other privacy screening our experienced team can offer tailored solutions to suit your project.

To bring that wow factor to your design, opt for a unique perforated metal feature for your garden, fence, sunshade or privacy screen.

For architects, perforated screening can offer solutions which combine the functional aspect of either solar screening or privacy screening with the ability to create an artistic feature. It is an attractive alternative to off the shelf options particularly for those trickier spaces that need a tailor-made solution.

Your design or image can be perforated into most metals and to any size. We can perforate a metal sheet to suit the size of your project, from the size of a small gate to an image covering the side of a building using hundreds of perforated sheets. Perforated screens can be designed in all shapes and sizes and will be an attractive stylish feature to any building. Our team can provide advice to help make your perforated sheet metal project a standout feature.

The process

2D Design development

At the start of the project, we create a 2D design based on your project requirements.

Create 3D

We then create and manipulate the 3D pattern using sophisticated design software to produce architectural or artistic design of infinite variety.

Design review 

We provide a design suitable for discussions with architects and builders for their review.


Once approved our ISO9001 certified production process is activated

Via our CNC networked machinery, the designs are sent to the workshop to be fabricated.

Acoustic barrier

Perforated metal can be a great screening feature as well as a stunning façade, but did you know it also provides significant acoustic benefits and is often used as an acoustic barrier. Panels can be designed to help absorb, reflect or scatter sound depending on your needs.

Contact us to discuss your acoustic barrier requirements and we can help find a solution to meet your project needs.

Solar Screening / Energy efficiency

Perforated metal cladding is an obvious choice for energy-efficient building design – you see an immediate difference – from better, smarter airflow to natural lighting.

One of the biggest challenges for commercial buildings is controlling heat. Passive management of solar heat is becoming a much more common approach to building construction. Perforated metal sunshades are a way to naturally cool a building by allowing reducing solar radiation onto the building whilst maximising airflow. With modern techniques in architectural design, architects can utilise perforated panels to maximise the efficiency of building design.

Another major operational building cost is lighting. Commercial and residential buildings will pump significant energy into basic lighting, even during daylight hours. Perforated metal is an ideal energy-efficient building material, panels can be placed such that they permit natural light whilst minimising radiated heat. This is especially useful in lobbies and entryways, where you can more naturally create an open-air feel.

Perforated panels v's glass

Why use perforated panels instead of glass? While glass can also be used to allow in natural light, it has a tendency to magnify heat. Glass provides fewer options when it comes to blocking direct beams of blinding light, whereas perforated metal provides the means to balance light and heat to your preference.

The natural airflow from perforated cladding allows heat to escape. It also dramatically improves airflow, enabling further cooling. In addition to reducing energy consumption, perforated metal cladding can reduce the intensity of UV radiation on your office or home.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a rule of thumb -when punching a hole in metal, the hole diameter needs to be at least the same as the thickness of the metal.

Aluminium up to 6mm thickness

Stainless steel up to 1.5mm thickness

Mild steel up to 2mmmm thickness

Yes. If you provide us with the image we can convert it into a perforated sheet or screen in whatever size you prefer

Yes. A huge range of colours are available.

Anodising of aluminium can be undertaken with specific grades of aluminium. Our team can advise you if this is your preference.

Did you know that we can also provide end-to-end delivery for all your custom architectural metalwork requirements?

We are skilled in the fabrication of architectural balustrading, handrails, louvres, shading devices, perforated metal, fencing, gates, safety barriers and more for owners, architects, builders and specifiers.

Star Metal has the depth of project experience on diverse projects with which to help you:

Identify the areas of cost reduction within your project.

Provide pre-fabrication advice to save time and materials…. because we know what works.

Provide advice on design & enable virtual walkthrough of 3D model prior to manufacture.

Have a enquiry or need a unique solution? Let us help you.

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